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HP R2000 Latex Printer

We got the HP R2000 in the house!

The HP R2000 Latex Printer is quite the new addition to our equipment list. This baby does some incredible printing on flexible or rigid substrates such as foamboard, cardboard, wood, PVC, polypropylene, aluminum, glass, and ceramic just to name a few. This is a big plus as we now can print direct to rigid board without the UV track lines (some call UV banding). We have Photographic quality, direct to substrate!

The second exciting development from HP is the environmentally safe latex inks. These inks are so vibrant that it looks like high definition color on printed pieces, it's truly beautiful to behold. The HP R2000 even prints white ink and that is also very impressive. The white ink is glossy and very opaque plus it stands up well to aging. All the colors have great scratch resistance. With the addition of the HP R2000 to our equipment line-up here at Altitude Color, we have updated our color reproduction control across all of our equipment to make sure we achieve a predictable and repeatable results on all substrates from every piece of equipment.

With the latest print technology built into this printer, you can bet we'll see some seriously good looking prints coming out of it for your next project. We are thrilled to have this HP R2000 printing retail displays, outdoor signage, window graphics, decorations, vehicle wraps, trade show graphics, events, and exhibitions. I'm positive you will be too.

Got a project coming up? Want to see what the HP R2000 can do for you? Drop us a note or come by to see samples. When you see how sharp and vibrant the print is, you won't be sorry you did.

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