Automotive wraps

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

Soar to new heights with a vinyl wrap that make your business stand out in a crowd. Accurate measurements and template make our car wraps precise, with no interruptions to your design. Our talented design team can handle your project from ideas in your head to works of art on your vehicles.
Vinyl decals, partial and full vehicle wraps. If you have a truck, van, limo, motorcycle, boat, ATV, RV, trailer or coach we’ve got you, and it, covered. If it can be driven, ridden, floated, or towed and has a surface that will take a sticker, we can wrap it.
A vinyl wrap is a great return on investment as well. It’s more affordable than print ads or radio and television commercials. Think of the money you’ll save on local exposure. Car wraps are becoming more popular with car and truck owners seeking to maximize their advertising dollars for their small business ventures. Why not give us a call and see what we can do for your personal or commercial brand today.




Our "HD" fabric and wall coverings are built for amazing reproductions. You can trust our accurate color repro duction on your chosen fabric. Wheth er you're a maker, designer or a combi nation of both, we can produce 1 or 10,000 yards of your custom design quickly at the highest possible quality.

Today, the Design To Print family reaches all over the globe. Specializing in fabric & structures helped us build a team of expert fabric professionals. 25 years later we are one of the largest digital fabric print houses in the United States.

Altitude Color is passionate about Home Decor & Interior Design. We want to help you make Decor that makes you smile everyday. Our pro - cess provides the easiest and fastest way to customize your unique designs with colors, styles and textures.


Cabs are a perfect canvas for a mobile advertising campaign. Ubiquitous in any big city, a fleet of taxi cabs can be wrapped to advertise casino properties, events and shows, or a product being unveiled at a convention.
With our strong ties to media companies and the Taxicab Authority, we have in-depth knowledge of the process for wrapping these cabs. From accurate fleet measurements, to legal display requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Shuttles & Buses

Buses are a specialized kind of vehicle wraps, and can be either fully wrapped like a taxi, or partially wrapped in what’s known as a King or Queen Kong. King Kong’s reach from the top to the bottom of the bus, but stays between the vehicle’s wheel wells.
Using a special perforated vinyl over the windows, we can achieve a cohesive design without losing visibility.

Personal Vehicles

You don’t need to run a business to wrap your car. We also can wrap your personal vehicle. Give your race car, dune buggy, or even the family minivan a custom touch. Our team of expert designers and installers can guide you through every step of the process.

Commercial Fleets

In addition to personal vehicles and taxis, we can also wrap your entire business fleet. From news vans to delivery trucks, we can maintain a consistent look across your entire fleet of vehicles. We also offer professional, on-site installation. Learn more about our vehicle wraps process, and how to care for your vinyl.

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